Community  Use of School Facilities


The Board may grant the use of school facilities  to  responsible  and  organized  groups  for purposes that provide demonstrable benefit to the schools or  to  the  community  as  a  whole.  School facilities shall not be used for personal or commercial activities, nor shall use of school facilities be granted when  such use interferes with educational   purposes.

The Board may authorize the use of school property by public members of the community during non-school hours for the purpose of recreation, sport, academic,  literary, artistic,  or community  uses as defined in KRS Chapter 162 pursuant to this and other policies adopted by the Board and related procedures  established by the Superintendent.   1


The Board shall approve, schedule, and assign the use of school facilities and shall establish reasonable fees for their rental. The Superintendent/designee shall advise the Board of any  possibility that the requested use could be detrimental to the educational purpose for which the facilities  were provided.

The Board reserves the right to require that any scheduled use of school facilities by a non-school group be surrendered  in favor of a school group or  activity.

The user group shall be granted access only to those areas of the facilities assigned by the Superintendent/designee  to best  suit its needs.


The Board shall adopt an official application form  and contract,  which  shall detail the conditions  of usage. Persons officially authorized to represent the  organization  must  sign the  application. Only persons  over twenty-one  (21) years  of age may sign the application.

Forms to apply for use of facilities shall be available in the Superintendent’s  office.  Each application shall be considered on its own merit; date of filing shall not determine priority of use. Approval of a request to use District facilities does not  signify District  sponsorship,  endorsement  or approval  of an organization  or activity.

Applications  must be renewed  each year.


The Board shall require a renting organization to assume all liability for injury to individuals by reason of the lease of Board property and that the organization indemnify and save harmless the Board from any loss or damage  thereby.


The Board holds each group or organization using school facilities directly responsible  for the proper  supervision  of persons  admitted to the activity.

The official representative of the group, or an adult designated  in writing by the representative,  must be directly in charge of the assigned area during the entire time it  is in use.  When  youth groups are granted use of facilities, the representative  must  check  in with the employee in charge  of the facility before  any participants  will be admitted.


If the non-school related activity sponsored by the community group involves admission or is designated as a high-risk activity by the Superintendent or designee, the community group shall provide a certificate of liability insurance naming the Board  as  additional  insured  under  the  policy for the activity.


Activities that are sponsored by approved student organizations, faculty groups, or school-related parent groups may use school facilities without charge when approved by the Superintendent/designee  and supervised by  school personnel.


Disregard  of the rules and procedures  governing use of school facilities shall result in the refusal  of the Board to grant the offending group or organization further use of the facilities.


Groups or organizations shall reimburse the Board for any repair of damages to or replacement of school property  lost, stolen, damaged, or vandalized  while under their  care.


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Adopted/Amended:  8/20/2012

Order #:         5392

SCHOOL FACILITIES                                                                                                                            05.3 AP.I

Community Use of School Facilities


School facilities are for the primary purpose of meeting the educational needs of school-age youth in the district. However, with reasonable policies and procedures, the school can assist the community in meeting social, civic, recreational and cultural needs by effective utilization of school   facilities.



Priority Examples of Groups Approval Scheduling Fees Charged Proof of Liability Insurance
I – School Groups Educational programs that are an outgrowth of classroom instruction including, but not limited to, science fairs, plays, exhibits and concerts.

Interscholastic activities including athletic teams, speech and debate, band competition and academic competition.

Any school group that requires a faculty sponsor including, but not limited to, all school-sponsored clubs, homerooms, honor societies and student council.

Principal/ designee Principal/ designee None None required
II – School-Related Groups District Adult/Community education programs

Parent-Teacher Association/ Organization

Booster Groups – academic, athletic and band

4-H Clubs Scout groups

County Recreation Programs

Little League and/or comparable groups including, but not limited to, YMCA

Adult farmers

Superintendent/ designee Principal/ designee Custodial fees, if designated in contract For activities designated by the Superintendent/designee

NOTE: All external support/booster organizations are required to carry separate insurance for general liability with appropriate coverage to operate their organization. (Accounting Procedures for Kentuckv School

Activity Funds)


SCHOOL FACILITIES                                                                                                                    05.3 AP.l

Community Use of School Facilities


Priority Examples  of Groups Approval Scheduling Fees Charged Proof of Liability Insurance
III – Community Civic clubs Board Superintendent/ Usage and custodial For activities designated by the
Interest Groups Industrial groups Church groups Homemakers Farm Bureau Superintendent/ designee

Principal/ designee

designee Principal/designee fees, as designated in contract Superintendent/designee

Organizations will be required to sign a release and indemnity agreement relieving the Board of any liability in accordance with Board policy 05.3.

  Historical Society        
IV – Meetings of General meetings of various Board Superintendent/ Usage and custodial For activities designated by the
General Public community groups including, but not limited to, political parties. Superintendent/ designee designee


fees, as designated in contract Superintendent/designee

Organizations will be required to sign

    Principal/ designee     a release and indemnity agreement relieving the Board of any liability in accordance with Board policy 05.3.


Eligible groups may contract for meals to be  served in school dining areas. Use  of kitchen  equipment  requires  the presence  of a School Food  Service employee.


School facilities may be used  for public  elections without  charge.


Special/emergency use of facilities may be approved by the Superintendent/designee with explanation made to the Board at its next regular meeting.

Review/Revised:7 /15/13

Request for Rental/Use  of Facilities  Application

NOTE: Please complete this form in duplicate and submit both copies to the Central Office designee for approval. If the application is approved, one (1) copy of the signed agreement will be returned to the using organization along with a contract prepared by the Board attorney. The contract shall be signed by the designated representative of the usillg organization and returned to the Central Office designee. If the application is not approved, both copies will be  returned.

Name of Sponsoring Organization/Activity                                                   Telephone                                                                                                                      _

Representative’s     Name     ———————————— Address                                                                                          _

Ifthis is  a continuing  request,  indicate  the duration:  —————–­ The above organization/individual requests the use of:

D gymnasium         D cafeteria             D kitchen               D classroom(s)


D custodian——–

Rental Fees:

D other, specify                                                 _


Gymnasium Cafeteria Kitchen Classroom Custodian




$ 5.00/hr



             I request waiver of the rental fee

             I request waiver of the charge for custodian

Is the organization planning to conduct sales on school premises?                  D YES                                                                                                                D NO

If yes, give a complete description of what is being sold and how the proceeds will be used.                                                                                                                        _


Date(s) requested

_Time(s) Requested                              _

Will public be ad mitted?                      D YES       D NO                                                            Approximate Number of People:                                                             _ Will advertisement(s) be used?                                                            D YES       D NO

Will admission be charged?                 D YES       D NO

Signature of person making request 011                                                                                                                                 behalf of the organization                                                                                                               Address

(H)                           (W)                                _

Date                 Telephone

Request for Rental/Use  of Facilities Application


Review/Revised:7 /25/11