STUDENTS                         09.422


In order to effectively participate in the democratic process as adults, students must learn to respect the rights of others and to interact with them in a civil manner. Therefore, students are required to speak and behave in a civil manner toward students, staff and visitors to the schools.

Actions Not Tolerated

The use of lewd, profane or vulgar language is prohibited. In addition, students shall not engage in behaviors such as hazing, bullying, menacing, taunting, intimidating, verbal or physical abuse of others, or other threatening behavior.1 This policy extends to any/all student language or behavior including, but not limited to, the use of electronic or online methods. Such behavior is disruptive of the educational process and interferes with the ability of other students to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered.

These provisions shall not be interpreted to prohibit civil exchange of opinions or debate protected under the state or federal constitutions where the opinion expressed does not otherwise materially or substantially disrupt the education process or intrude upon the rights of others.

Students who violate this policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Bullying Defined

Bullying means any unwanted verbal, physical, or social behavior among students that involves a real or perceived power imbalance and is repeated or has the potential to be repeated:

  1. That occurs on school premises, on school-sponsored transportation, or at a school-sponsored event: or
  2. That disrupts the education process.

This definition shall not be interpreted to prohibit civil exchange of opinions or debate or cultural practices protected under the state or federal Constitution where the opinion expressed does not otherwise materially or substantially disrupt the education process. 2


As provided in the District Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline, students that believe they are victims of bullying/hazing shall be provided with a process to enable them to report such incidents to District personnel for appropriate action.

Employees are expected to take reasonable and prudent action in situations involving student welfare and safety, including following District policy requirements for intervening and reporting to the Principal or to their immediate supervisor those situations that threaten, harass, or endanger the safety of students, other staff members, or visitors to the school or District. Such instances shall include, but are not limited to, bullying or hazing of students and harassment/discrimination of staff, students or visitors by any party.

Students who believe they have been a victim of bullying or who have observed other students being bullied shall, as soon as reasonably practicable, report it.

STUDENTS                         09.422             (Continued)


Reports (continued)

The District Code shall specify to whom reports of alleged instances of bullying or hazing shall be made. In serious instances of peer-to-peer bullying/hazing/harassment, employees must report to the alleged victim’s Principal, as directed by Board policy 09.42811. The Principal/designee shall investigate and address alleged incidents of such misbehavior.

In certain cases, employees must do the following:

  1. Report bullying and hazing to appropriate law enforcement authorities as required by policy 09.2211; and
  2. Investigate and complete documentation as required by policy 09.42811 covering federally protected areas.

Other Claims

When a complaint is received that does not appear to be covered by this policy, administrators shall review other policies that may govern the allegations, including but not limited to, 09.426 and/or 09.42811. Harassment/discrimination allegations shall be governed by Policy 09.42811.


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Related Policies:

03.162; 03.262; 09.13; 09.421; 09.425; 09.426; 09.4281; 09.42811; 09.438

09.2211 (re reports required by law)

Adopted/Amended: 7/25/2016

Order #:         5879